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Raphael M.-L.
Civil Engineering B.S.

University of São Paulo

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Director of Operations

"All job seekers are looking for advantages and ways to make themselves more attractive to employers, and this is obviously a way to do that and stand out in a climate where digital uncertainty reigns."


Talent Acquisition Consultant

"We verify an individual's education, criminal record and employment history to ensure the candidate is the right fit for each role and organization. Outsourcing part of that process to a third party helps us save time and resources, and ensures we’re getting the best candidates possible."

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Why Does This
to Me?

Getting your dream job requires standing out amongst hundreds, sometimes thousands of candidates.

Employers verify that you don’t have a criminal record, your work history is accurate, and that you’ve actually earned the degree you claim to have.

Verifying your education before employers reach out is one of the simplest ways to build trust, demonstrate credibility, and show initiative - traits that all employers are looking for.

Elevate your digital resume by getting verified today.

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What do I need for the verification?

You’ll need your login credentials for your school’s platform. This will be the same credentials you use to access grades or transcript information.

How long does it take?

Filling in your information will take only one minute, and you’ll receive your results in about 1 day.

What if I don't remember my credentials?

There is a forgot password link that will direct you to your school’s login page. On that page, you can reset your password.

How is my information protected?

ZippedScript is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. We do not keep or use any of your information outside of the purposes of verifying your education credentials. You can find more information on our exact protocols here.

What if my school isn't in the system?

To request that your school be added to our database, please email us at [email protected]